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Rowing ()

Produced by

Then They Fight Theatre

Developed by

Row Row Row Collective

Playwright: Aaron Jan
Director: Aaron Jan


The Fort Studios


October 6, 2015


October 9th, 2015 – October 17th, 2015


After losing their first race in 51 years, it’s a long night for Westdale’s community rowing team. Team captain Mark is missing, first seat Howie is going through a quiet mental breakdown and no one is coming to their charity fundraiser. Filled with party games, pyromania and encounters with emerging psychopaths, Rowing is a fast paced, strangely violent, coming of age story about what it means to be a winner in a small town and the monsters we become when we fail. (


Madeleine Brown Jake
Lauren Griffiths Chris
Courtney Keir Clara
François Macdonald Wyatt
Andrew Markowiak Rick
Drew Douris-O’Hara Howie
Zach Parkhurst Mark

Creative Team

Aaron Jan Playwright
Aaron Jan Director
Lucy Powis Dramaturge
Aram Heydarian Set Designer
Aram Heydarian Costume Designer
Luke Pieroni Assistant Designer
Jason Thomson Sound Designer
Neil Silcox Fight Director


Sara Allison Stage Manager
Matt Calvin Graphic Designer
François Macdonald Fight Captain