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She Alone

She Alone ()

Produced by

DNA Theatre

Co-Creators: Hillar Liitoja and Magdalena Vasko
Director: Hillar Liitoja


DNA Theatre


June 27th, 2007 – July 8th, 2007


All theatre is voyeuristic, but DNA takes this to a whole new level. You and just 8 other audience members peer into a room where dancer Magdalena Vasko shares the intimate moments that we usually only experience alone. (, 2007).


Magdalena Vasko she

Creative Team

Hillar Liitoja Co-Creator
Magdalena Vasko Co-Creator
Hillar Liitoja Director
John Delacourt Dramaturge
Hillar Liitoja Lighting Designer
Magdalena Vasko Lighting Designer
Hillar Liitoja Space Designer
Magdalena Vasko Designer
Hillar Liitoja Sound Designer
Richard Windeyer Sound Designer
Leslie Schroeter Costume Designer


Gord Peck Production Manager
Andre Flak Stage Manager
Kevin Allen Production Assistant
Kevin Allen Technical Operator