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Shudder ()

Produced by

hum and Théâtre La Chapelle

Presented by

Studio 303 and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Creator: Susanna Hood
Director: Ruth Madoc-Jones
Choreographer: Susanna Hood


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


April 29th, 2010 – May 9th, 2014


Three figures – witnessed and witnessing – are bound, blurred and melded together to reveal a portrait of a dismantled family, its pigments violently peeled away and reapplied. Toronto choreographer Susanna Hood dreams the canvases of Francis Bacon to life. Shudder forges, with three performers, a work of missed connections that evokes sensuality, brutality and loneliness. Theirs is a grotesquely beautiful and disarmingly intimate encounter.

Shudder promises to be ground-breaking in the field of Canadian dance in the way that it rides a vibrant and volatile line between narrative and abstraction. Hood digs deeply into the emotional and kinetically textural world beneath the surface of movement, much like the violent underworld brought to light in Bacon’s canvasses. Three twisted shaped casts an unsettling impression of a family in decay, sliding in and out of one another, devouring and devoured. It is Hood’s most impressive and gripping work, an experience not to me missed – particularly for fans of Francis Bacon. (Show Facebook Event)


Susanna Hood Interpreter
Dan Wild Interpreter
Alanna Kraaijeveld Interpreter
Maryse Carrier Interpreter - Understudy

Creative Team

Susanna Hood Conceived
Ruth Madoc-Jones Director
Susanna Hood Choreographer
Nilan Perera Composer
Nilan Perera Sound Designer
Julie Fox Set Designer
Julie Fox Costume Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Simon Fon Stage Combat Coach
Jennifer Tarver Dramaturge
Andrea Heldman Makeup Design


Erika Hennebury Producer
Matthew Byrne Production Manager