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Soulless ()

Produced by

505 Productions

Playwright: Aaron Bushkowsky
Director: Kelly Straughan


Factory Studio Theatre


November 8th, 2008 – November 23rd, 2008


A modern-day drama about a big city developper charged with murder of a social activist who threatened to stop his most recent condo project. This story unfolds in a series of short dramatic scenes backward and forward in time as we discover the truth about the murder mystery. Soulless is a look at how development at any cost can mean the loss of good conscience. (


Christian Bellsmith Darren
Ryan Kelly Gerald
Jane Moffatt Claire
Melissa-Jane Shaw Rachel
Dylan Scott Smith Bob

Creative Team

Aaron Bushkowsky Playwright
Kelly Straughan Director
Ken MacKenzie Set Designer
Gillian Wolpert Lighting Designer
Gillian Wolpert Projections
Davida Tkach Assistant Lighting Designer
Christian Bellsmith Sound Designer


Eric Hopkins Stage Manager
Melissa-Jane Shaw Marketing
Michelle Bailey Photography
Michelle Bailey Graphic Designer