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Spin ()

Produced by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and Outspoke Productions

Playwright: Evalyn Parry
Director: Ruth Madoc-Jones


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


November 19th, 2014 – November 23rd, 2014


Inspired by the incredible true tale of the first woman to ride a bike around the world in 1895, this epic cycle of songs and stories explores the early connections between bicycles, advertising, and women’s liberation.

Award winning author, singer/songwriter, and theatre maker Evalyn Parry takes audiences on a musical journey from the dawn of the bicycle in the 19th century to her own experiences riding her bike through the streets of Toronto and Montreal. Parry’s co-star is a vintage bicycle – suspended on a mechanic’s stand and outfitted with microphones and sound equipment. The bike is played by percussionist Brad Hart, who conjures an astonishing array of sounds to score Parry’s songs and monologues. (


Evalyn Parry Performer
Brad Hart On Bicycle

Creative Team

Evalyn Parry Playwright
Ruth Madoc-Jones Director
Michael Holt Arrangements for String Trio
Beth Kates Production Designer
Beth Kates Video Designer
Laura Johnson-Sheratt Assistant Lighting Designer


Don Kerr Cello
Kathleen Kajioka Viola
Anne Lindsay Violin


Charissa Wilcox Production Manager


Suzie Balogh Chamber Technician
Charissa Wilcox Head of Production
Adrien Whan Technical Director