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Strangeness and Breath ()

Produced by

Epigraph Collective and Little Black Afro Theatre Company

Developed by

Epigraph Collective

Playwright: Curtis Campbell

Devised by Epigraph Collective




June 30, 2015


June 30th, 2015 – July 5th, 2015


“When the lamps cut his body becomes pure light,” blending both the cerebral and the intensely physical, strangeness and breath submerges the audience in a sexual encounter between two young men. Identity, memory, and truth: take your clothes off and it all comes spilling out. (


Curtis Campbell Performer
Luke Pieroni Performer

Creative Team

Curtis Campbell Playwright
Curtis Campbell Creator
Luke Pieroni Creator
Michael Pintucci Director
Kevin Feliciano Projection Designer
Kevin Feliciano Lighting Designer
Keara MacNeil Projection Designer
Keara MacNeil Lighting Designer
Ellen Katherine Wendell Sound Designer


Megan Apa Front of House Manager
Megan Apa Publicity Manager
Will Cook Web Designer
Cesar Ghisilieri Photographer
Elio Legault Assistant Stage Manager
Erika Madsen Graphic Designer
Taylor Maheral Stage Manager
Rebecca dePencier Interim Technical Director
Lucy Powis Dramaturge
Cole Vincent Interim Production Manager
Ella Wieckowski Head Electrician


Luke Reece Artistic Director