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Sudden Death ()

Produced by

Pyretic Productions

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Playwright: Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman
Director: Matthew Mackenzie


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 2nd, 2013 – January 13th, 2013


It’s the biggest night of hockey Legend John “Rambo” Kordic’s life. Kordic’s a man who’s addicted. To the white stuff. And we’re not talking snow-no, this ain’t that Canadian story. He’s been bar brawling and grabbing tits and crashing cars and shooting steroids and he’s at his breaking point. But still, Kordic’s a tough sonofabitch. (Next Stage Festival Program)


Layne Coleman Coach
Brett Donahue The Great One
Greg Gale Bob
Tony Nappo John Kordic
Melissa-Jane Shaw Cindy
Andrew Shaver Harry
Maria Vacratsis Regina

Creative Team

Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman Playwright
Matthew Mackenzie Director
C.J. Astronomo Lighting Designer
Monica Dottor Choreographer
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer
Jenna McCutchen Set Designer
Jenna McCutchen Costume Designer


Kate Sandeson Stage Manager
Andrew Brodkin Technical Director
Nicolas Billon Producer


Jamie Monteiro Venue Technician
Joey Morin Venue Technician
Christopher Ross Venue Technician
Aaron Kelly Festival Lighting Designer