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Tainted ()

Produced by

Gromkat Productions and Moyo Theatre

Playwright: Kat Lanteigne
Director: Vikki Anderson


Aki Studio


September 26th, 2013 – October 12th, 2013


A family fights to stay intact when the unimaginable happens. Set against the backdrop of the tainted blood crisis, Tainted is a story about, love, loss, justice, and the enduring power of forgiveness.

Tainted is an original work and premiere production of one of the most anticipated plays of 2013. Inspired by the true stories of families who endured the worst public health disaster in our history– the tainted blood crisis. The play puts a human face on an epic scandal that has spanned almost 30 years. In the 1980′s when HIV and hepatitis C were new blood-bourne viruses our government did not take steps to protect the blood supply resulting in 30,000 people becoming infected and thousands have died. The crisis is responsible for nearly wiping out an entire generation of hemophiliacs who were dependent on their blood clotting product to save them from life-threatening bleeds.

We believe it is our obligation and our privilege to stand behind this story, to ensure that the voices of the people who were so deeply affected by the tainted blood crisis continue to clamor.  We believe that the truth must never be forgotten.



Alex Furber Scotty Steele
Claire Calnan Jacklyn Steele
Gord Rand Jeff Steele
Maria Vacratsis Molly Steele
Owen Mason Leo Steele
PJ Prudat Christine Steele
Richard Greenblatt Greg Steele

Creative Team

Kat Lanteigne Playwright
Vikki Anderson Director
Andrea Mittler Set Designer
Siobhán Sleath Lighting Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
John Gzowski Sound Designer


Kat Lanteigne Producer
Graeme Ball Producer
AJ Laflamme Stage Manager
Rae Powell Production Manager