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The 10/10/10 Project ()

Produced by

Bismuth Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Aaron Jan
Creators: Aaron Jan and Jordan Laffrenier and Lucy Powis


Factory Mainspace Theatre


July 3rd, 2015 – July 12th, 2015


In March 2014, 10 emerging writers, 10 choreographers and 10 composers from across Canada were given the prompt: “There’s something here that shouldn’t be.” 10/10/10 is a Gathering Point between 30 original works. Come see what they created together. (


Samantha Brown Performer
Sophie Dow Performer
Joel Edmiston Performer
Arrielle Edwards Performer
Celia Green Performer
Julia Hussey Performer
Jordan Laffrenier Performer
François Macdonald Performer
Callie Presniak Performer

Creative Team

Aaron Jan Director
Aaron Jan Concept
Jordan Laffrenier Concept
Lucy Powis Concept
Devon Bain Writer ("I'm Still Here")
Alyssa Bartlett Writer ("Rain")
Camila Diaz-Varela Writer ("Broken Telephone")
James Kenny Writer ("A Meeting" / "A Day at Work")
Jordan Laffrenier Writer ("I'm Still Here")
Thomas McDevitt Writer ("Look at Me")
Andrew Markowiak Writer ("Wrong Office")
Susan Mohommad Writer ("Searching For You" / "TV x2-1")
Luke Reece Writer ("A Spark")
Curtis Campbell Writer ("Goodbye/A New Beginning")
Cassandra Bowerman Choreographer ("Look at Me")
Cameron Buttrum Choreographer ("TV x2-1")
Francesca Chudnoff Choreographer ("Rain")
Anthony Di Feo Choreographer ("Waiting for You/TV x1")
Maite Jacobson Choreographer ("Waiting for You/TV x1")
Sarah Dowhun Choreographer ("I'm Still Here")
Jasmine Dickson Choreographer ("Searching for You")
Sadie Epstein-Fine Choreographer ("Broken Telephone")
Chelsea Haraburda Choreographer ("A Day at Work")
Alyssa Martin Choreographer ("Wrong Office")
Molly Thomas Choreographer ("Nemesis")
Keevin Andrew Composer
James Atin-Godden Composer ("Wrong Office")
Jake Butineau Composer ("Waiting for You/TV x 1" / "Look at Me")
Spencer Creaghan Composer ("Searching For You")
Daniel Diaz Composer ("Rain")
Cameron Fraser Composer ("Broken Telephone")
Travis Grubissi Composer
Niall Lyn-McKee Composer ("TV x2-1")
Joshua Rowe Composer ("A Day at Work")
Daniel Schlombs Composer ("I'm Still Here")
Lucy Powis Dramaturge
Samuel Chang Lighting Designer
Jason Thomson Sound Designer


Elio Legault Stage Manager


Joey Morin Venue Technician
Jamie Monteiro Venue Technician
Michelle Ramsay Festival Lighting Designer