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The Archive of Missing Things ()

Produced by

Zuppa Theatre Co

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Kate Cayley
Creator: Kate Cayley
Director: Alex McLean


Sanderson Library


August 13th, 2019 – August 17th, 2019


A contemplative game happening undercover in a library.

Equipped with an iPad and a headset, you have 90 minutes to explore a maze-like archive in search of the secret at its centre, guided by a live performance happening discreetly around you. Created by Zuppa with Trillium-Award-winning writer Kate Cayley, this performance, online book and game, travels through the debris of civilization in the age of rising sea levels. (


Ursula Calder Performer
Miranda Jones Performer
Stewart Legere Performer
Gabriel Leblanc Narrator

Creative Team

Kate Cayley Playwright
Kate Cayley Creator
Alex McLean Director
Brian Riley Sound Designer
Brian Riley Composer
Stewart Legere Composer
Andrea Ritchie Costume Designer
Andrea Ritchie Prop Designer


Ben Stone Producer
Jessica Lewis Production Manager
Jessica Lewis Sound Operator