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The Beaver Den ()

Produced by

Jazz Squared Theatre and Lower Ossington Theatre

Music: Taylor Abrahamse
Lyrics: Taylor Abrahamse
Book: Jaclyn Enchin and Jennifer Enchin
Directors: Jennifer Enchin and Jaclyn Enchin


The Lower Ossington Studio Theatre


October 12th, 2012 – October 14th, 2012


Set in 1999 at the wake of children’s entertainment, The Beaver Den follows a cast of young actors “stuck” on a kid’s TV show filmed in the Muskoka Region. (


Chad Trembley Tom
Chris Vergara Simon
Sarah Horsman Patty
James Aaron Johnny
Brady Van Vaerenburg Paul Pencilvest / Jeremy / Flint / Bartender / Silly Goose
Gregory Carruthers Derek / Beavy
Ann Paula Bautista Phoebe
Jason Zinger Keanu

Creative Team

Taylor Abrahamse Music
Taylor Abrahamse Lyrics
Jaclyn Enchin Book
Jennifer Enchin Book
Jennifer Enchin Director
Jaclyn Enchin Director
Jason Zinger Music Arrangements
Greg McClary Music Arrangements
Jason Zinger Musical Director
Seanna Kennedy Assistant Director
James Atin-Godden Additional Music
James Atin-Godden Additional Lyrics
Jaclyn Enchin Scenic Designer
Jaclyn Enchin Prop Designer
Spencer Wilson Prop Designer
Spencer Wilson Costume Designer
Phil Skala Puppet Design
Corey Waters Lighting Designer
Jennifer Enchin Choreographer
Jaclyn Enchin Choreographer
Spencer Wilson Creative Consultant


Lennox Campbell-Berzins Guitarist


Sam Hale Stage Manager
Kristin Boivin Production Manager
Phil Skala Puppet Construction
Gregory Carruthers Dance Captain
Spencer Wilson Graphic Artist