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The Best Men ()

Produced by

Skinny Jo Productions

Playwright: Bil Antoniou
Director: Michael Soulard


Bread and Circus


April 6th, 2011 – April 10th, 2011


The play features a cast of seven and revolves around the wedding day of hopeless romantic Sam, his difficult-to-love bride Sherry, and the three gay blades who make up the wedding party: it would be a great time if any of them liked the bride.

Groomsmen Max and Parker are happy to sit back and watch disaster strike, but Leo has even more on his plate to deal with: his new girlfriend has shown up as his Plus One, and his boyfriend still doesn’t know that they’ve broken up. (


Bil Antoniou Max
Daniel Cristofori Sam
Bill Clarke Parker
Melanie Hrymak Sherry
Ryan Jeffrey Leo
jason Martorino Eric
Jennifer Neales Mary

Creative Team

Bil Antoniou Playwright
Michael Soulard Director
Eleni Maniatis Costumes


Diana Pugliese Stage Manager
Virginia Jones Producer