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The Cherry Orchard ()

Produced by

The Chekhov Collective

Playwright: Anton Chekhov
Adapter: Rena Polley
Director: Dmitry Zhukovsky


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Upstairs Theatre


January 29th, 2016 – February 14th, 2016


Life in The Cherry Orchard is threatened as Russia teeters on the brink of enormous change. Yet there is singing and dancing, magic tricks and pratfalls as the lives of its thirteen characters slip between tragedy and farce, illusion and reality. And all the while they are swept along to the steady thrum of time passing.   (


Andy Pogson Yermolai Lopakhin, a merchant
Nina Gilmour Dunyasha, a maidservant
Clayton Gray Semyon Yepikhodov, a clerk
John Gilbert Firs, an old footman
Rena Polley Lyubov Ranevskaya, a landowner
Thalia Kane Anya, her daughter
Llyandra Jones Varya, her adopted daughter
Richard Sheridan Willis Leonid Gaev, her brother
Joy Tanner Charlotta, a governess
Neil Foster Boris Simeonov-Pishchik, a landowner
Yury Ruzhyev Yasha, mme. Ranevskaya's Footmen
Harrison Thomas Petya Trofimov, a student
Dmitry Zhukovsky Passerby

Creative Team

Anton Chekhov Playwright
Rena Polley Adapter
Dmitry Zhukovsky Director
Dimitrii Khilchenko Set Designer
Joseph Patrick Lighting Designer
Kateryna Maryevch Costume Designer
Rob Bertola Sound Designer
Ekaterina Kornienkova Choreographer
Rob Bertola Music Design


Heather Bellingham Stage Manager
Rena Polley Producer
Yulia Rubina Producer
Laura Wilson Assistant Producer
Carrie Sager Publicity
Dmitry Zhukovsky Graphic Designer
Miriana Mitrovich Production Photography