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The Grace Project: Sick ()

Produced by

The SICK Collective

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Creator: Judith Thompson
Director: Judith Thompson


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 6th, 2011 – January 16th, 2011


Jordan Balzan Performer
Victoria Carr Performer
Domanique Grant Performer
Emma Mackenzie Hillier Performer
Megan Dale Murray Performer
Nicole Dale Murray Performer
Krystal Hope Nausbaum Performer
Adrian Rebucas Performer
Tanya Rintoul Performer
Nazmul Shaheed Performer
David Shelley Performer
Rebecca Solway Performer
Malube Uhindu-Gingala Performer
Lisa Waters Performer

Creative Team

Judith Thompson Creator
Judith Thompson Director
Lauren Brotman Co-Creator
Lauren Brotman Assistant Director
Beth Kates Production Designer
Melissa Joakim Assistant Designer
Suzie Balogh Assistant Designer
Domanique Grant Original Music ("Free")
Victoria Carr Original Music ("For The First Time" and "Shades")
Adrian Rebucas Choreographer
Tanya Rintoul Choreographer
Krystal Hope Nausbaum Choreographer


Jack Grinhaus Producer
Sarah Miller-Garvin Producer
Jordi Mand Script Supervisor
Scott Seetoo Stage Manager
Scott Seetoo Production Manager
Blue Bigwood-Mallin Assistant Stage Manager
Joshua Korngut Graphic Designer
Sarah Miller-Garvin Photographer


Jamie Monteiro Mainspace Technician
Joey Morin Venue Technician
Aaron Kelly Festival Lighting Designer