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The Happy Woman ()

Produced by

Nightwood Theatre

Playwright: Rose Cullis


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


March 5th, 2012 – March 24th, 2012


Cassie wants to be normal, Christian wants to be perfect and Margaret just wants to be happy. But what’s lurking beneath this family’s glossy veneer? The Happy Woman is a darkly comic exploration of what happens when bliss gets in the way of truth and threatens to destroy the very foundation we rely on. (


Maev Beaty Cassie
Ingrid Rae Doucet Stasia
Barbara Gordon Margaret
Martin Happer Christian
Maria Vacratsis BellaDonna

Creative Team

Rose Cullis Playwright
Kelly Thornton Director
Erica Kopyto Dramaturge
Michelle Alexander Assistant Director
Erin McCleary Assistant Designer
Denyse Karn Set Designer
Denyse Karn Costume Designer
Joelysa Pankanea Sound Designer
Joelysa Pankanea Composer
Kimberly Purtell Lighting Designer


Joelysa Pankanea Marimba / Percussion / Voice
Mark Haney Bass
Elinor Harshenin Cello
Brian Barr Mandolin
Michael Simpson Guitar


Denyse Karn Producer
Ashley Westlake Apprentice Stage Manager
Sandra Henderson Production Manager
Kinnon Elliott Stage Manager
Brian Barr Sound Engineer
Laura Pomeroy Associate Producer