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The Last Five Years ()

Produced by

Daemon Theatre

Writer: Jason Robert Brown
Composer: Jason Robert Brown
Director: Carl Puci
Musical Director: Doug Price


SMSC Centre for the Arts


March 19th, 2015 – March 21st, 2015


The Last Five Years is an emotionally powerful and intimate musical about a struggling actress and a budding novelist who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. (


Kaleigh Gorka Cathy Hiatt
Joshua Wiles Jamie Wellerstein

Creative Team

Jason Robert Brown Writer
Jason Robert Brown Composer
Carl Puci Director
Doug Price Musical Director
Pavol Bosyy Set Designer
Julia Lee Costume Designer
Nic Vincent Lighting Designer
Michael Laird Sound Designer
Edith Nataprawira Assistant Set Designer
Noah Feaver Assistant Lighting Designer


Doug Price Keyboard
Lenny Solomon Violin
Matt Marcoccia Guitar
Wendy Solomon Cello
Rachel Pomedli Cello


Carl Puci Producer
Sam Hale Stage Manager
Julie Choi Assistant Stage Manager
Ellen MacKay Head Audio
Jenni Lee Pickett Wardrobe Supervisor
Brett Postil Dresser
Miranda Meijer Movement Advisor
Ryan Marshall Technical Director
Sachil Patel Associate Producer
Dylan Morgan Director of Photography
Katrina Singleton Director of Photography
Josh Howe Videographer
Ashley Gheerawo Post-Production Supervisor
Melissa Vasiliev Web Designer
Melissa Vasiliev Graphic Designer
Jennifer Bantugon Graphic Designer