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The Late Henry Moss ()

Produced by

Unit 102 Actors Co.

Playwright: Sam Shepard
Director: Scott Walker


The Assembly Theatre


January 4th, 2018 – January 20th, 2018


Henry Moss is dead. And no one knows what happened. As Earl and Ray Moss look back to their fathers past, building a story that fills in the gaps of his untimely death, it becomes apparent that memory can be a biased truth. What is true? What has been imagined? Touching on themes of family, alcoholism and, generational violence, The Late Henry Moss looks at how memory serves us and how we use it to serve the truths we need to survive. A surreal, dark comedy rooted in autobiographical references, Sam Shepard paints a world steeped in bourbon, stinking of decay and filled with mystery. (


Michael Eisner Taxi
Matthew Gouveia Esteban
David Lafontaine Ray
Jennifer McEwen Conchalla
Mark Paci Earl
Anthony Ulc Henry

Creative Team

Sam Shepard Playwright
Scott Walker Director
Adam Belanger Set Designer
Janelle Joy Hince Costume Designer
Steve Vargo Lighting Designer
Jennifer McEwen Choreographer


Marvin Araneta Stage Manager
Matthew Gouveia Fight Captain
Breanna Dillon Producer
Nola Martin Producer