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The Life & Times of Mackenzie King: The History of the Village of the Small Huts, 1918 – 1939 ()

Produced by


Playwright: Michael Hollingsworth
Director: Michael Hollingsworth


The Cameron House – Back Room


November 10th, 2011 – December 11th, 2011


The Life and Times of Mackenzie King begins with the end of World War I, and ends with the beginning of World War II – a zeppelin-ride through the soaring twenties and the diving thirties with Canada’s longest-running Prime Minister. As the grandson of the notorious rebel William Lyon Mackenzie, King was driven by a sense of destiny and spurred by ghostly outriders. He fell in love regularly but never married, preferring the companionship of other men’s wives, and seances with his late mother and other great departed souls.

King’s occult companion Mrs. Joan Patteson, beloved dog Pat, political foes Prime Ministers Meighen and Bennett, contemporaries James Shaver Woodsworth and Samuel Bronfman, are joined in the play by Joe and Vince, a couple of Great War veterans who find employment in the rum-running business, and Molly, a war widow with nothing left to lose.  Vince rolls it all on the gal and the hooch, while Joe never stops fighting whatever is fighting him – union-busters, gangsters, mortgage-holders, work-camp bosses.

Between the shadows of two world wars, ideas clash and markets crash. The action spans the Winnipeg Strike of 1919, the One Big Union movement, the King-Byng Crisis, the Great Depression, the ‘On To Ottawa Trek’, Mackenzie King’s infatuation with the Third Reich and many other events that show how Canada discovered its inner communist. (


Paul Braunstein Mackenzie King / Copping / Robert Russell / Soldier / Albert / RCMP Officer
Greg Campbell Prime Minister Robert Borden / Andrews / Sid / Goon / RCMP Officer / Godfroy Patteson / Joseph Bisaillon / Butler / Etta Wreidt / Welfare Officer / General Andrew McNaughton / German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop / Spanish Peasant / Bennett's Secretary / Speaker / Communist Pamphleteer
Rick Alan Campbell Gargoyle / Prime Minister Arthur Meighen / Zaneth / Sam / Pall Bearer / Goon / Muffin / Speaker / Relief Camp Worker / Hobo / Mackenzie & Papineau Instructor
Mac Fyfe Joe / Crooked Cop / Lord Byng / Wilfrid Laurier / Jacques Bureau
Jacob James Vince / Pall Bearer / Lady Byng / Prime Minister R.B. Bennett / Foreman / Landlord / Relief Camp Worker / RCMP Officer / Hitler / Fascist / Hobo / Quebec Liberal
Linda Prystawska Molly / Fortune Teller / Informer / Judy / Mother King / Joan Patteson / Evicted Woman / RCMP Officer / Mac-Pap Volunteer

Creative Team

Michael Hollingsworth Playwright
Michael Hollingsworth Director
Deanne Taylor Associate Director
Andy Moro Lighting Designer
Andy Moro Set Designer
Astrid Janson Costume Designer
Brent Snyder Sound Designer
Jake Blackwood Sound Designer
Brad Harley Prop Designer
Alice Norton Wig Designer
Brent Snyder Music


Jim LeFrancois Producer
Erika Connor Wardrobe Assistant
Lina Falomkina Wardrobe Assistant
Arber Makri Props Assistant
Phoebe Norton Wig Assistant
Wendy Seater Wig Assistant
Patrick Wilkie Stagehand
Laurie Merredew Assistant Stage Manager
Andrew Dollar Production Manager
Andrew Dollar Stage Manager