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The Magic Hour ()

Produced by

The Theatre Centre

Creator: Jess Dobkin
Director: Stephen Lawson

Co-Produced by The Theatre Center and Jess Dobkin


The Theatre Centre – Franco Boni Theatre


January 10th, 2017 – January 21st, 2017


The Magic Hour is a solo performance that uses magic to explore trauma and transformation, asking us to consider who we are beyond the stories we tell about our lives. The work presses the boundaries of what is deemed public and private, hidden and revealed, to make visible what is not seen. (


Jess Dobkin Performer
Elizabeth Fraser Dancer
Levia Rabkin McFarlane Dancer

Creative Team

Jess Dobkin Creator
Stephen Lawson Director
Richard Feren Composer
Richard Feren Sound Designer
Jennifer Tipton Lighting Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Bojana Stancic Environment Designer
Atom Cianfarani Costume Designer
Moe Angelos Project Dramaturge / Doula


Laura Cournoyea Stage Manager
Sandra Henderson Production Manager
Deborah Lim Production Assistant
Shanna Miller Technical Consultant
Joey Morin Technical Consultant
Jessica Campbell-Maracle Stagehand
Samantha Gignac Stagehand
Dany Lyne Consultant
Brandie Taylor Consultant
Tracy Tidgwell Consultant
Felice Shays ASL Interpreter
Tim Lindsay Crew
Navid Amini Crew
Sam Culotta Crew
Micah Champagne Crew
David Lane Crew
Eli Spiegel Crew
David Hawe Photography
Lisa Kiss Graphic Designer
Jess Dobkin Producer
Sandra Henderson Assistant Producer


Navid Amini House Technician
Tim Lindsay Technical Director
Billy Wolf Director of Production