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The Melville Boys ()

Produced by

Learning Curve Productions and Panfish Productions

Playwright: Norm Foster
Director: David Schaap


The Alumnae Studio


April 12th, 2012 – April 28th, 2012


Terminally ill Lee wants his brother to grow up and settle down before he dies. Owen doesn’t believe Lee’s ever going to die and just wants him to loosen up while they’re away from their families. When aspiring actress and party girl Loretta stumbles into their cabin, Owen thinks he’s found the perfect escape from the life his brother has planned for him, but her repressed and tortured sister Mary has other ideas. (Show Facebook Event)


Yehuda Fisher Lee Melville
Chris George Owen Melville
Jennifer Morris Mary
Alaine Hutton Loretta

Creative Team

Norm Foster Playwright
David Schaap Director
Brian Chmielewski Set Designer
Allison Bjerkseth Costume Designer
Corey Waters Lighting Designer
Garrett Levine Sound Designer
Faline Park Design Assistant - Props
Madeline Hellmers Design Assistant - Costume
Candy Tupper Design Assistant - Hair and Make-up


Karen Elizabeth Stage Manager
Matt Glover Assistant Stage Manager
Yehuda Fisher Artistic Producer
Lindsay Boyack Associate Producer
Mark Lavell Technical Director
Rob Salerno Public Relations / Publicist
Mikaela Dyke Graphic Designer
Mark Lavell Crew Mentor
David Schaap Production Mentor
Ron Leach Mentor Producer
Sherry Roher Mentor Stage Manager
Kelli Warder Mentor Make-up and Hair
Brian Levy Mentor Casting Direction