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The Misanthrope ()

Produced by

Guild Festival Theatre

Playwright: Molière
Translator: Richard Wilbur
Director: Sten Eirik


Guild Festival Theatre


July 18th, 2013 – August 11th, 2013


One of the world’s funniest and wisest comedies, The Misanthrope by Moliere. The title character is a man who insists on unconditional honesty in a world where he’s surrounded by phony compliments, affectation and schmoozing. The plot thickens when he falls in love with Celimene, who is an embodiment of all that he despises! (


Bruce Beaton Alceste
Sochi Fried Célimène
Rick Persich Philinte
Ryan Egan Oronte
Victoria Hudson-Muir Lise, Célimène's Maid
Leslie DosRemedios Eliante
Andrew Pimento Clitandre
John Chou Acaste
Patrick Hebden A Guard of the Marshalsea / Dubois, Alceste's Valet
Tina Sterling Arsinoe

Creative Team

Molière Playwright
Richard Wilbur Translator
Sten Eirik Director
Bonnie Deakin Costume Designer
Amanda Gougeon Lighting Designer
Gillian Sorensen Scenic Designer
Stephanie Frontin-Eirik Scenic Designer
Sten Eirik Scenic Designer
Helen Juvonen Assistant Director


Bryan Steele Technical Director
Victoria Wang Stage Manager
Gillian Sorensen Assistant Stage Manager
Sarah McLellan Head of Wardrobe
Liz Burnip Costume Assistant
Sarah McLellan Costume Assistant
Akhil John Mathew Technical Assistant
Tanya Doroslovac Director of Marketing and Publicity
Victoria Hong Event Management Assistant
Anne Marie Johnson Box Office Supervisor
Nicole Hirtz Web Designer
Stephanie Frontin-Eirik Playbill design & Artwork
Tanya Doroslovac Poster Design
Nicole Hirtz Poster Design
Raph Nogal Poster Photography