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The Rat King ()

Playwright: Maggie MacDonald
Co-Directors: Maggie MacDonald and Stephanie Markowitz


Alchemy Studio Theatre


January 19th, 2006 – January 22nd, 2006


Rat Monarchs have appeared in nature and literature for centuries, in the form of fantasy princes, comic book heroes, and rare rings of live rats found in city bins, barnyard nests, and art galleries around the world. Our Rat King is a fantasy prince with no kingdom. (


Glen Sheppard Boy: The Rat King
Magali Meagher Carlyn Cannon
Jeremy Singer Ed Cannon
Kathleen Phillips Carson Cannon / Lady Rat
Bob Wiseman Narrator / Piano Man
Reg Vermue The Suitor / The Royal Rat
Shayna Stevenson Three Armed Lady / Lady Rat
Mike Follert Two Armed Man / The Baritone Rat
Rose Bianchini Rat Doozer No. 1
Jason van Horne Rat Doozer No. 2

Creative Team

Maggie MacDonald Author
Maggie MacDonald Co-Director
Stephanie Markowitz Co-Director
Bob Wiseman Musical Composer
Rose Bianchini Art Director
Jason van Horne Art Director
Kate McKay Lighting Designer


Stephanie Markowitz Producer
Jedidiah Gordon-Moran Stage Manager
Marlena Zuber Make-up
Marlena Zuber Wardrobe
Marlena Zuber Set Dresser
Anthony Foyer Make-up
Anthony Foyer Wardrobe
Anthony Foyer Set Dresser
Sarah Couture McPhail Make-up
Sarah Couture McPhail Wardrobe
Sarah Couture McPhail Set Dresser
Stephanie Forder Make-up
Stephanie Forder Set Dresser
Stephanie Forder Wardrobe
Keith Cole Publicity
Jeff Wright Website Design
Lee Towndrow Poster Design
Lee Towndrow Photography