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The Rats of the Walls ()

Produced by

The Four Winds Collective

Writer: H.P. Lovecraft
Adapters: Andrew Gaboury and Peter Counter
Director: Carla Johnston


Black Creek Pioneer Village – Samuel Stong’s House


October 21st, 2011 – October 28th, 2011


Using Samuel Stong’s House built in 1855 at the historic Black Creek Pioneer Village, The Rats in the Walls is a sight specific experimentation of madness, familial bonds and the mystery of the unknown. As a man known only as de la Poer reclaims the seat of his ancestry he uncovers the hidden truths of what drove his family to abandon it in the first place.  (


Andrew Gaboury Performer
Peter Counter Performer

Creative Team

H.P. Lovecraft Writer
Andrew Gaboury Adapter
Peter Counter Adapter
Carla Johnston Director