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The Sad Blisters ()

Produced by

Glass Hammer Productions

Playwright: Andrew Batten
Director: Victoria Shepherd


The Commons Theatre


April 12th, 2019 – April 27th, 2019


Serial monogamist Joanne is getting married – AGAIN. AND she wants her sisters to wear their bridesmaid dresses from her previous weddings. AND Aunt Sara’s been getting free samples from the bar. What could possibly go wrong? The Sad Blisters is loosely based on the family dynamic of the playwright’s wife, Debbie Batten, who has four siblings. One of her sisters, like Joanne in The Sad Blisters, was married three times to men with the same first name. (


Andrea Lyons Maureen
Cathy McKim Kathy
Bonnie Gray Aunt Sara
Anne McDougall Lisa
Esther Thibault Joanne

Creative Team

Andrew Batten Playwright
Victoria Shepherd Director
Alexis Chubb Set Designer
John Stuart Campbell Sound Designer
Liz Currie Lighting Designer
Ryan Armstrong Fight Director


Bonnie Gray "Chapel of Love" Vocals
Andrea Lyons "Chapel of Love" Vocals
Cathy McKim "Chapel of Love" Vocals
Esther Thibault "Chapel of Love" Vocals


Liz Currie Stage Manager
Andrew Batten Producer
Debbie Batten Producer
Tina McCulloch Producer
Jamie Fairfoull Assistant Stage Manager
Jamie Fairfoull Fight Captain
Brent Shepherd Master Carpenter
Vic Finucci Poster Design
Livia Pravato Wedding Dress Alterations
Marcella Pravato Wedding Dress Alterations
Tina McCulloch Reservations / Front of House