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The Shape of Things ()

Produced by

Volition Theatre Co-op

Playwright: Neil LaBute
Director: David Tompa


DeLeon White Gallery


February 23rd, 2010 – March 7th, 2010


The Shape of Things encompasses the vision, passion and raw no-holds barred experience that Volition Theatre Co-op wishes to create. Through the merging and uniting of several artisticdisciplines, Volition will break down the barriers that separate artforms and present an exciting shared experience involving andcelebrating some of Canada’s emerging artistic talent. (


Jason Matheson Adam
Michelle Langille Evelyn
Alison MacKay Jenny
Andrew Church Phillip

Creative Team

Neil LaBute Playwright
David Tompa Director
RJ Peters Set Designer
Karen Grossman Artist (Scene 1)
Heidi Pospisil Artist (Scene 2)
Andrzej Tarasiuk Artist (Scene 3)
Melissa Espina Artist (Scene 4)
Morgan Edwards Artist (Scene 5)
Alexandra Elle Artist (Scene 6)
Adrienne Fonda Artist (Scene 7)
Laura Tetrault Artist (Scene 8)
Elizabeth Lenie Artist (Scene 10)


RJ Peters Stage Manager
M.J. Cyr Stage Manager
RJ Peters Technical Director
M.J. Cyr Assistant Technical Director
Roberto Rivera Photographer