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The Skriker ()

Produced by

The Blackguards

Playwright: Caryl Churchill
Director: Noa May Dorn


Comedy Bar


December 2nd, 2015, 2008


December 2nd, 2008 – December 6th, 2008


The Skriker, an ancient fairy queen of the underworld, calls for a revolution. Fuelled by a centuries-unrequited desire for power and respect, she shape-shifts her way into the lives of two desperate, lonely teenage girls who wish their futures away… (Show Facebook Event)


Robin Eley Josie
Megan Powell Lily
Wade Bogert-O’Brien Bucket Man
Tim Walker Kelpie
Noa May Dorn Ancient Skriker
Marie Jones Derelict Woman / Hag
Shanda Bezic Bar Woman / Telescope Girl
Craig Pike Fairy Skriker
Lise Maher Little Girl
Roger Bainbridge Handsome Man
Melissa Hood Underworld Skriker
Krista Kehn Marie / Green Lady

Creative Team

Caryl Churchill Playwright
Noa May Dorn Director
Robin Eley Designer
Amy Fort Lighting Designer
Wade Bogert-O’Brien Composer
Roger Bainbridge Composer
Roger Bainbridge Assistant Director


Krista Kehn Producer