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The Tin Drum: Book One ()

Produced by

UnSpun Theatre

Presented by

Studio Lab Theatre Foundation and Equity Showcase Theatre

Author: Günter Grass
Adapters: Chris Hanratty and Shira Leuchter
Director: Chris Hanratty


Equity Showcase Theatre


November 22nd, 2007 – November 25th, 2007


On this third birthday Oskar Matzerath received the tin drum his Mama promised him the day he was born. It was then that he decided to stop right there, remain the precocious three-year-old, towered over by grownups but superior to all grownups. Complete both inside and out. He wills himself to stop growing. Now, from the confines of a mental hospital, Oskar tells us the story of his life in pre-war Poland. It is the story of a perplexing clairaudiant boy, his tin drum and his glass-shattering voice. A story that culminating on November 9th, 1938 – Kristallnacht. (Show Facebook Event)


James Cade Oskar
Scott Clarkson Joseph / Sigsmund Markus / Longshoreman
Sascha Cole Bruno / Hedwig / Miss Spoilenhauer / Roswitha
Jody Hewston Alfred / Herbert
Tricia Lahde Agnes
Shira Leuchter Anna
Gregory Prest Jan / Bebra

Creative Team

Günter Grass Author
Chris Hanratty Adapter
Shira Leuchter Adapter
Chris Hanratty Director
Chris Humphrey Lighting Designer
Shira Leuchter Set Design and Sculpture
Gregory Prest Original Compositions and Arrangement
Christopher Stanton Sound Designer


Marianna Rosato Stage Manager
Tea Scott Costumer
Andrea Mittler Scenic Artist
Ian Morton Electrician
Sandra Henderson Electrician
Matthew Archdekin Carpenter
Richard Guindon Carpenter
Mario Lourenço Carpenter
Jennifer De Lucia Publicity