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The Trial of Ken Gass ()

Produced by

Big Picture Cinema and Hlibka Entertainment

Playwright: Bobby Del Rio
Director: Bobby Del Rio


Big Picture Cinema


March 21st, 2014 – April 3rd, 2014


The Trial of Ken Gass is a play based on the famous dismissal of Canadian theatre legend Ken Gass. In a Kafkaesque series of interrogations, Ken Gass is continually put on trial for crimes he is not aware of. The absurdist comedy is a metaphor for the power institutions wield over artists and individuals. (Show Press Release)


Jessica Salgueiro Sarah Bright
Matthew Edison Ken Gass (March 21)
David Fox Ken Gass (March 22)
Karen Knox Ken Gass (March 23 - 2:30PM)
Kenny Robinson Ken Gass (March 23 - 8pm)
Richard Crouse Ken Gass (March 24)
Caitlin Driscoll Ken Gass (March 25)
Ryan G. Hinds Ken Gass (March 26)
Paul Bellini Ken Gass (March 29)
Robert Nolan Ken Gass (March 30)
Sandra Battaglini Ken Gass (March 31)
Derrick Chua Ken Gass (April 1)
Amish Patel Ken Gass (April 2)
Andrew Moodie Ken Gass (April 3)

Creative Team

Bobby Del Rio Playwright
Bobby Del Rio Director
Jonathan Hlibka Lighting Designer
Jonathan Hlibka Set Designer


Jonathan Hlibka Producer
Collin Foster Props