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The Unexpected Mayfly ()

Produced by

The Antic Company

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Tuna Gumeli
Director: Cemre Gumeli


The Solo Room


July 3rd, 2024 – July 13th, 2024


How much can you let yourself go, while life goes on?
What happens when you start asking questions about life?
Does everything shift, or does time slow down?
Do your days get hazier, or can you see clearly?
Now, can we dim the lights please…




Victoria Gallant Performer
Tuna Gumeli Performer

Creative Team

Tuna Gumeli Playwright
Cemre Gumeli Director
Bella Szpala Lighting Designer
KAM Music


Bella Szpala Stage Manager
Yasmine Amirkhani Media Representative
Ajeuro Abala Poster Art
Tuna Gumeli Producer
Cemre Gumeli Producer