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The Unfortunate Misadventures of Masha Galinksi ()

Produced by

Groundwater Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Erin Shields
Director: Andrea Donaldson


Factory Studio Theatre


July 7th, 2006 – July 15th, 2006


Lost to the Beast in a wager … tripped into the Erl-King’s cage … shaken into a lycanthropic fit … swung on the strings of a Gypsy puppeteer – what a life. Come one! Come all! Step right up and see the exceptional stumblings of Masha Galinski! (2006 Toronto Fringe Festival Program)


Erin Shields Performer

Creative Team

Erin Shields Playwright
Andrea Donaldson Director
Andrea Donaldson Dramaturge


Jedidiah Gordon-Moran Stage Manager
Branden Rennie Assistant Stage Manager
Gideon Arthurs Producer