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The Wild Duck Project ()

Produced by

Re:Current Theatre

Director: Brian Postalian


Hub 14


December 2nd, 2015 – December 13th, 2015


Do you know the tale of The Wild Duck? Four actors and an audience have gathered to see this reimagined play and ask themselves if they can live without telling a lie. Is the bitter truth better than the sweetest lie?

Wild Duck Project is a new experimental adaptation and deconstruction from Henrik Ibsen’s cynical play ‘The Wild Duck’. (


Eliza Martin Performer
Zachary Murphy Performer
Alex Spyropoulos Performer
Victor Pokinko Performer

Creative Team

Brian Postalian Director
Brian Postalian Adapter
Victor Pokinko Adapter
Eliza Martin Adapter
Zachary Murphy Adapter
Alex Spyropoulos Adapter
Joe Pagnan Production Designer
Adrian Beattie Dramaturge
Holly Meyer-Dymny Associate Designer


Laura Delchiaro Costume Designer
Heather Bellingham Stage Manager
Michelle Yagi Producer
Jacek Kociolek Poster Design
Cornelia Audrey Outreach Coordinator