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There Is No Word For Wilderness ()

Produced by

Animacy Theatre Collective

Playwright: Lisa Hamalainen
Director: Alexandra Watt Simpson


Earl Bales Park


September 18th, 2019 – September 28th, 2019


There Is No Word For Wilderness is a land-based story walk brought to life with mask, puppetry and live music. It reflects one woman’s journey of getting lost to get found as nature reveals itself to her.  (


Shaquille Pottinger Hare
Jack Comerford Young Man / Fish
Lisa Hamalainen Young Woman
Morgan Johnson Fox
Joseph Recinos Owl

Creative Team

Lisa Hamalainen Playwright
Alexandra Watt Simpson Director
Alexandra Watt Simpson Masks


Rebecca Ballarin Producer
Shelba Deer Anishinaabe Ceremony & Teaching
Jessica Watkin Consultant