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Tiny Dynamite ()

Produced by

Theatre Smash

Playwright: Abi Morgan
Director: Ashlie Corcoran


Tarragon Theatre – Extra Space


September 22nd, 2006 – October 8th, 2006


At the age of six, Lucien witnessed a bolt of lightening strike his friend Anthony in the chest. This experience forever bound the two and informed the progress of each man’s life. Wary, deliberate Lucien, a small business risk analyst, believes in logic and reason. Homeless and unemployed, Anthony lives outside civil boundaries. While vastly different in temperament and outlook, the men share a common trait. They are lonely. The third point of their triangle, a woman whom they both loved, took her own life many years ago.

Each summer, in an annual tradition of guilt, Lucien collects Anthony off the streets and takes him to the country to be cleaned up and fed. This summer they retreat farther into the country, farther into their memories, and farther into the dichotomy of their roles then ever before. This summer they meet Madeleine. As the three spend hours drinking, swimming and laughing together, the brevity of summer haunts their every move. They must inevitably confront their past, recognise their present, and jump – with little knowledge and no security – into their future. (


Steven McCarthy Lucien
Perrie Olthuis Madeleine
Dylan Trowbridge Anthony

Creative Team

Abi Morgan Playwright
Ashlie Corcoran Director
Robin Fisher Set Designer
Robin Fisher Costume Designer
Michael Walton Lighting Designer
Michael Laird Sound Designer
Mike Ross Composer
Kate Hodgert Assistant Director
Elizabeth Nutting Assistant Set Designer
Elizabeth Nutting Assistant Costume Designer
Dean Drouillard Sound Associate


Kinnon Elliott Stage Manager
Sarah Baumann Producer
Doug Morum Production Manager
Kate Ann Vandermeer Assistant Production Manager
Kate Ann Vandermeer Backstage Assistant
Lindsay Anne Black Lighting Crew
Gareth Crew Lighting Crew
A.J. Morra Lighting Crew
Laura Hughes Publicist
Michael Walton Photographer
Linda Couto Photographer
Lucas Gramajo Photographer
Robin Senior Graphic Designer


Dan McIlmoyl Extra Space Technician