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Tomorrow’s Child ()

Produced by

Ghost River Theatre

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Adapter: Eric Rose and Matthew Waddell and David van Belle
Directors: Eric Rose and Matthew Waddell


Artscape Sandbox


August 4th, 2016 – August 14th, 2016


A one-of-kind audio-only theatre experience. Audience members are blindfolded and then guided into the theatre to a swivel chair and experience a story that surrounds them through a thrilling sonic landscape. Bradbury’s classic short story presents two new parents in the imagined retro-future of 1988 confronting the realities of their newborn baby… who has been born into another dimension. Will they accept the divide between parent and child? Or find another solution? (


Anna Cummer Performer
Tyrell Crews Performer
David van Belle Performer
Aubrey Hall Performer
Wren Van Belle Performer
Aaron Zeiffer Additional Performer
Helen Knight Additional Performer
Joleen Ceraldi Additional Performer
Evan Medd Additional Performer
Eric Rose Additional Performer
Matthew Waddell Additional Performer
Molly-Raine Dale Additional Performer

Creative Team

Eric Rose Adapter
Matthew Waddell Adapter
David van Belle Adapter
Eric Rose Director
Matthew Waddell Director
Ray Bradbury Author
David van Belle Additional Writing
Eric Rose Sound Designer
Matthew Waddell Sound Designer
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier Original Music
Sarah Albu Original Music
Evan Medd Assistant Director
Emily Promise-Allison Sculpture
David van Belle Dramaturge


Ayla Stephen Producer
Ava Jane Markus Producer
Timothy Archibald Photo
Ava Jane Markus Lead Audience Service Mechanic
Claren Grosz Associate Producer
Claren Grosz Audience Service Mechanic
Felix Beauchamp Audience Service Mechanic
Connor Cook Audience Service Mechanic
Nick Simpson Audience Service Mechanic