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Totem. ()

Produced by

A Field of Crowns

Playwright: Andrew Gaboury
Directors: Andrew Gaboury and Thea Fitz-James and Kallee Lins

Presented as part of a double-bill with Naked Ladies


Hub 14


December 13th, 2013 – December 14th, 2013


totem. is an exploration of one man’s emotional, mental landscape as he confronts his crumbling relationship and is presented with a fantastic manifestation of his ideals. totem. began life as a short story, mostly written by stream-of-conscious, influenced by the performance of spoken-word poetry. (


Andrew Gaboury Performer

Creative Team

Andrew Gaboury Playwright
Andrew Gaboury Director
Thea Fitz-James Director
Kallee Lins Director
Duncan McCallum Dramaturge
Thea Fitz-James Dramaturge
Kallee Lins Dramaturge


Scott Emerson Moyle Front of House Manager