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Trying for the Kingdom ()

Produced by

SideMart Theatrical Grocery

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Patrick Costello
Director: Graham Cuthbertson


The Lower Ossington Studio Theatre


August 9th, 2013 – August 18th, 2013


TFTK is an album/play; a modern metropolitan punk clown tragedy created by post-modern, post-punk, post-pretty-much-everything kids. Part “concept concert”, part video collage, part meta-theatre, TFTK feels caffeinated, opiated, sleep-deprived, and desperate for answers.

Warning: Loud noises, big feelings, McDonald’s cheeseburgers (


Patrick Costello Prince Jackie of the Corner
Kyle Gatehouse Prince Holly of the Void
Katie Swift Lady Jersey of the Margins

Creative Team

Patrick Costello Playwright
Graham Cuthbertson Director
Kyle Gatehouse Video Designer
Matt Raudsepp Sound Designer
Sarah Yaffe Lighting Designer
Jesse Ash Commercial Spasses


Sarah Yaffe Stage Manager
Matt Raudsepp AV Monitor
Sarah Yaffe Producer


Mikael Kangas Venue Technician
Mikael Kangas Festival Lighting Designer
Andrew Brodkin Venue Technician