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Turtleneck ()

Produced by

emerGENce and Pirate Life Toronto

Playwright: Brandon Crone
Director: Brandon Nicoletti


Tree of Life Theatre


September 23rd, 2017 – October 8th, 2017


Sex, power struggles, and gender dynamics take center stage in Turtleneck, a play that focuses on Vicki, a woman trying to escape from a dark past that has come back to haunt her. In an attempt to distance herself from a destructive addiction, Vicki is befriended by a rehabilitation worker named Darcy. But by befriending Darcy, Vicki is accidentally introduced to Darcys sex-obsessed older brother, Brian, who develops an all consuming lust for Vicki. Thrown into the mix is Louis, a quirky and shy young man with a crush on Vicki, and Roy, a mysterious figure from Vickis dark past. Darcy, Brian, Louis, and Roy clash in an attempt to try and stake their claim over Vicki, resulting in a turbulent evening with devastating results. (Show Facebook Event)


Sean Jacklin Brian
Annie Tuma Darcy
Karen Scobie Vicki
Bryce Fletch Louis
Steven Vlahos Roy

Creative Team

Brandon Crone Playwright
Brandon Nicoletti Director
Natalia Tcherniak Set Designer
Jack Rennie Fight Choreographer


Erin Maxfield Stage Manager
Brandon Nicoletti Producer
Samantha Polzin Poster Photography
William Innes Graphic Designer
William Innes Videographer
Matt Slaman Associate Producer
Valerie Clutchey Associate Producer
Barbara McAdam Associate Producer
Gabriel Nicoletti Associate Producer
Anne-Marie Bergman Associate Producer
John A. Geddes Associate Producer
Sean Fletch Associate Producer
Gary Scobie Associate Producer
Carol Scobie Associate Producer