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(un)boxed ()

Produced by

Jay9 Dance Projects

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Choreographers: Jannine Saarinen and Jen Hum and Lisa Quaning and Jamee Valin and Mateo Galindo Torres


The Annex Theatre


June 30th, 2016 – July 10th, 2016


(un)boxed delves into the layers of restrictions which permeate our lives; be them physical, emotional, external or self-imposed. It explores our common desire to be free and unfettered.
The weaving together of several different acts performed by a diversely talented group of dancers creates an engaging production for theatre and dance goers alike. (


Lisa Emmons Performer
Jen Hum Performer
Jannine Saarinen Performer
Lisa Quaning Performer
Jamee Valin Performer

Creative Team

Jannine Saarinen Choreographer
Jen Hum Choreographer
Lisa Quaning Choreographer
Jamee Valin Choreographer
Mateo Galindo Torres Choreographer
A.J. Morra Lighting Designer


A.J. Morra Stage Manager
Jamee Valin Music Editor
Matthew Beckerle Image and Poster Design
John Beers Producer


Clint Bouwman Venue Technician
Karen Elizabeth Venue Technician
Simon Rossiter Festival Lighting Designer