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UnMute ()

Produced by

Limbus Work

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creators: Victor Zhang and Nick Fangzheng Wang and Meilin Wei and Shel Sun and Jiafan ‘Felix’ Hao
Director: Jiafan ‘Felix’ Hao


Tarragon Theatre – Mainspace


July 5th, 2024 – July 14th, 2024


“UnMute” is a devised theatre production exploring different aspects of Asian experience in the face of rampant anti-Asian sentiments. Through collective storytelling and creative movement, the anthology play sheds light on the nuances and complexity when a community tries to challenge racial injustice and stereotypes. (


Jianing Fan Performer
Emma Liu Performer
Murphy Mengxi Liu Performer
Naomi Morales Performer
Daisy Nie Performer
Antong Xu Performer

Creative Team

Victor Zhang Creator
Nick Fangzheng Wang Creator
Meilin Wei Creator
Shel Sun Creator
Jiafan ‘Felix’ Hao Creator
Jiafan ‘Felix’ Hao Director
Jianing Fan Devisor
Emma Liu Devisor
Murphy Mengxi Liu Devisor
Naomi Morales Devisor
Daisy Nie Devisor
Antong Xu Devisor
Victor Zhang Dramaturge
Nirris Nagendrarajah Assistant Dramaturge
Daisy Mengru Jia Sound Designer
Mikaela Cordero Lighting Designer
Amelia Mielke-O’Grady Set Designer
Meng Kong Designer


Megan De Sousa Stage Manager
Sparrow Gonzalez Assistant Stage Manager
Jasmine Xuefei Ma Assistant Stage Manager
Daisy Mengru Jia Producer
Nick Fangzheng Wang Graphic Designer
Jiafan ‘Felix’ Hao Graphic Designer
Daisy Mengru Jia Marketing Manager
Jasmine Xuefei Ma Marketing Member
Nancy Sunlei Jin Marketing Coordinator
Nathan Zhe Photographer
Skye Sommerhalder Photographer
Meng Kong Translator