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Will the Real J.T. LeRoy Please Stand Up?

Will the Real J.T. LeRoy Please Stand Up? ()

Produced by

The Cabaret Company

Presented by

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Playwright: Sky Gilbert
Director: Sky Gilbert


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


April 11th, 2007 – April 22nd, 2007

Awards & Nominations

Dora Award Winner:  Outstanding Performance by a Male in an Indie Production (Ryan Kelly)


A woman novelist has written a memoir/novel about a transexual (m to f) under a pseudonym. It’s a secret. Suddenly the transexual heroine of the woman’s novels appears at her door, claiming her transexual life was appropriated for the woman’s art. (


Suzanne Bennett Amanda Davies
Amber Ebert Sabrina Krupp
Elley-Ray Hennessy Tatum O'Neill
Ryan Kelly J.T. LeRoy

Creative Team

Sky Gilbert Playwright
Sky Gilbert Director
Steve Lucas Set Designer
Steve Lucas Lighting
Sheree Tams Costumes
Joanna Falck Dramaturge
Ruthann Drummond Assistant Lighting Designer


Kevin Bowers Stage Manager
Trevor Schwellnus Technical Director
Peter McLaren Assistant Stage Manager
Brendan Wall Head Carpenter
Lindsay Anne Black Painter
Amanda White Painter
Bob Nasmith Drywall Finishing
David Hawe Photographer
Jackie McAlpine Poster Design