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Young Drones ()

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Maggie MacDonald
Director: Maggie MacDonald

Songs by: Maggie Macdonald and the Bicycles


The Lower Ossington Theatre


August 14th, 2014 – August 17th, 2014


Young Drones is an explosive rock opera featuring live performance animation by Amy Siegel, and an original soundtrack performed by the Bicycles. Two predator drones patrol Alberta, their mission: “Protect the oil.” One drone sees a rabbit trying to cross a highway, and is struck by the creature’s helplessness. That feeling is the beginning of a moral intelligence… and love. With Young Drones, we propose that if humans created something more intelligent and stronger than our species, that creation would do better than our species. But to be moral beings, these star-crossed UAVs must defy their human makers. Boom! Kapow! ZAP! (


Matt Beckett Performer
Drew Smith Performer
Dana Snell Performer
Andrew Scott Performer
Randy Lee Performer
Randy Lee Performer
John Southworth Narrator

Creative Team

Maggie MacDonald Playwright
Maggie MacDonald Director
Amy Siegel Visuals and Projections
Michael Rubenfeld Production Dramaturge
Samuel Sholdice Sound Designer
Mikael Kangas Lighting Designer
Claire Bennett Projection Assistant


Emilie Aubin Stage Manager
Paul McNabb Posters


Dylan Eadie Venue Technician
Curtis Whittaker Venue Technician
Mikael Kangas Festival Lighting Designer