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Your Side, My Side, and the Truth ()

Produced by

Compass Productions and Trying Science Productions

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Rebecca Auerbach
Director: Adriana Bucz


Pia Bouman: Scotiabank Studio Theatre


August 9th, 2012 – August 19th, 2012


How do we respond when someone dies? Is there an appropriate response? An inappropriate one? Does our culture and society affect how we grieve? Inspired by true events, this dark, funny, and moving portrait of how we struggle to come to terms with ourselves and those around us in the face of adversity, taboo, and transgression. (Summerworks 2012 Festival Program)


Rebecca Auerbach Performer
Jeff Gladstone Performer
Michael Kash Performer
Tova Smith Performer
Taylor Trowbridge Performer

Creative Team

Rebecca Auerbach Playwright
Adriana Bucz Director
Samuel Sholdice Sound Designer
Samuel Sholdice Music


Anna Plugina Stage Manager