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Clever Chickadee Productions



– to develop and present new work by emerging Canadian theatre professionals
– to create theatre with fierce passion, diligence and attention to detail
– to ignite a desire for more theatre in young people
– to work with artists at all points in their careers, creating an open dialogue so as to learn from one another
– to educate audiences by allowing them to ask questions and examine their own lives, not by preaching truth, but by truthfully representing human experience
– to create an atmosphere in the theatre that is welcoming, unpretentious and accessible to a wide range of audiences

Since its inception in March 2007, clever chickadee productions has taken as its mandate to present quirky, poignant, entertaining Canadian work, which invigorates audiences of all ages and fosters a passion for theatre.



Produced by Clever Chickadee Productions

Escape from Grace July 5th, 2007 – July 14th, 2007