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Escape from Grace ()

Produced by

Clever Chickadee Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Haley McGee
Director: Elizabeth Helmers


Factory Mainspace Theatre


July 5th, 2007 – July 14th, 2007


Escape From Grace follows the struggles of the McCarthy family as they “help” their father, Winston, deal with the death of his youngest child. Every other character has found something to help them cope. Whether it is golf, academia, yogic energy, or drugs, the family members are slowly finding footholds in normal life. Gathering for Winston’s birthday, they use these footholds in a sometimes frantic attempt to help him reclaim his life. Do they succeed?—not without more drastic acts of atonement and glimpses of surprising hope. (


Paul Rainville Winston McCarthy
Marianne McIsaac Joan McCarthy
Paul Amato Marvin "Mackers" McCarthy
Marla Brennan Kate McCarthy
Jesse Griffiths Adam McCarthy
Simon Rainville Johnny McCarthy
Carolyn Burchell Vivian McCarthy
Jennifer Dzialoszynski Rina Kauffman
Evan Williams Julian Boyko

Creative Team

Haley McGee Playwright
Elizabeth Helmers Director
Jordan Pettle Dramaturge
Sheldon Rosen Dramaturge
Ryan Wilson Lighting Designer
Joel Landsborough Sound Designer
Kate Day Costume Designer
Evan Williams Original Music Composition


Jesse Griffiths Producer
Haley McGee Producer
Liz Campbell Stage Manager
Deborah Blair Assistant Stage Manager
Krista Burke Assistant Stage Manager
Matthew Dionne Postcard Designer
Mark Aikman Publicity & Public Relations
Jesse Griffiths Photography