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Jennifer Dzialoszynski

Fight Captain, Fight Choreographer, Performer

Fight Captain

Othello () Fight Captain
Richard III () Fight Captain

Fight Choreographer

The River Lady () Fight Choreographer

Fight Director

Theory () Fight Director
The Nether () Fight Director
Girls Like That () Fight Director
Boys from the Burbs () Fight Director
Macbeth () Fight Director
Romeo & Juliet () Fight Director
This Wide Night () Fight Director
Tender Napalm () Fight Director
Dancing Queen () Fight Director
Hero & Leander () Fight Director
Thaiing The Knot () Fight Director
Bent () Fight Director


Consumption Patterns () Performer
Othello () Emilia
The Private Life of the Master Race () The Constellation of "S" Ensemble
Richard III () Anne / Citizen / Lord Mayor
Hamlet () Laertes / Player Queen
For a Good Time, Call Kathy Blanchard () Mary
The Taming of the Shrew () Bianca
Macbeth () Young Macduff and others
Sundance () The Kid
The Godot Cycle () Boy
A Midsummer Night's Dream () Starveling (Moon) / Fairie
Escape from Grace () Rina Kauffman
Huffing Lysol () Performer