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The Tragedy of King Lear ()

Produced by

Shakespeare BASH’d

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: James Wallis


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


February 16th, 2023 – February 26th, 2023


This mythic tale brings us into the heart of a broken kingdom, surrounded by an apocalyptic storm, resulting in a complex narrative of loyalty, love, and violence.

Using only the Folio text, something rarely done in performance, this bold, bare bones production will invite the audience to see and hear a multifaceted play, both recognizable and estranged, that is part historical fiction, part epic tragedy, and part devastating look at the foreboding “promis’d end” of our cruel world. (


Mairi Babb Kent
Daniel Brière Cornwall / Captain
Tristan Claxton King of France / Oswald / Soldier
郝邦宇Steven Hao Duke of Burgundy / Knight / Gentleman
Madelaine Hodges (賀美倫) Regan
Melanie Leon Goneril
David Mackett Gloucester
Ngabo Nabea Edgar / Knight
Julia Nish-Lapidus The Fool / Old Woman / Messenger
Deivan Steele Edmund / Knight
Breanne Tice Cordelia / Curan
Scott Wentworth King Lear
Ben Yoganathan Albany / Cornwall's Servant

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
James Wallis Director
Jennifer Dzialoszynski Fight Director
Matt Nish-Lapidus Sound Designer
Kate Martin Assistant Director
Bailey Green Associate Fight Director
Hilary Adams Fool's Songs


Milena Fera Stage Manager
Daniel Brière Fight Captain
Christopher Brackett Technical Advisor


Yoan Holder Venue Technician