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Daniel Brière

Designer, Director, Fight Captain, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Projection Designer, Puppet Design, Puppet Director

Associate Producer

A Midsummer Night's Dream () Associate Producer


The Forest () Designer ("El Campion Contra El Cactus")


The Forest () Director

Fight Captain

The Tragedy of King Lear () Fight Captain
As You Like It () Fight Captain


The Tragedy of King Lear () Cornwall / Captain
As You Like It () Duke Frederick / Duke Senior
Tragedie of Lear () Edgar (October 14 & 15)
Hamlet () Polonius / Priest
Les Liaisons Dangereuses () Vicomte Sébastien de Valmount
Shrew () Lucentio
The Safe Word () Performer
Kayak () Peter Iverson


The Forest () Playwright ("I Want My Pants Back" / "The Beard" / "El Campion Contra El Cactus")

Projection Designer

Chasse-Galerie () Projection Designer

Puppet Design

Unintentionally Depressing Children's Tales () Puppet Design

Puppet Director

Chasse-Galerie () Puppet Director