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The Two Noble Kinsmen ()

Produced by

Shakespeare BASH’d

Playwrights: William Shakespeare and John Fletcher
Director: James Wallis


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


January 25th, 2024 – February 4th, 2024


Shakespeare BASH’d presents a mythic story of two honourable cousins, challenging expected ideas of gender, sexuality, romance, and ceremony: The Two Noble Kinsmen, one of Shakespeare’s last plays, a collaboration with protégé John Fletcher.

Arcite and Palamon, two young Theban lords, fall in love with Emilia…at the same time. They declare their love and fight for her hand, resulting in broken friendships, and complicated affections, showcased in a world of pastoral dances, sword fights, and encounters with the gods.

This layered tragicomedy, both mythic yet deeply contemporary, is a multifaceted story filled with surprising excitement, beautiful poetry, and breathtaking spectacle. This rarely-performed gem of a play will be given the BASH’d bare-bones treatment with its stunning verse at the forefront. (


Daniel Brière Jailer / Schoolmaster
Joshua Browne Valerius / Countryman / Friend / Knight
Tristan Claxton Artesius / Countryman / Jailer's Brother / Knight
Jennifer Dzialoszynski Queen / Nell / Doctor
郝邦宇Steven Hao Pirithous / Wooer
Madelaine Hodges (賀美倫) Queen / Emilia's Woman / Madeline
Melanie Leon Hippolyta
Michael Man Arcite
Kate Martin Emilia
Julia Nish-Lapidus Jailer's Daughter
Breanne Tice Queen / Friz / Friend / Messenger
Le Truong Boy / Countryman / Knight
Emilio Vieira Palamon
Jeff Yung Theseus

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
John Fletcher Playwright
James Wallis Director
Jennifer Dzialoszynski Fight Director
Breanne Tice Choreographer
Matt Nish-Lapidus Sound Designer
Sruthi Suresan Lighting Designer
Hilary Adams Jailer's Daughter's Songs


Milena Fera Stage Manager