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The Private Life of the Master Race ()

Produced by

Theatre ARTaud

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Bertolt Brecht
Creator: Esther Jun
Translator: Ted Witzel and Susanna Fournier
Adapters: Ted Witzel and Susanna Fournier
Director: Esther Jun


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator Space


August 9th, 2018 – August 16th, 2018


Join us for a night at Das Kabarett as we explore a new adaptation of a Brecht classic. Delve into the deepest secrets and naughty desires of a numb population. (


Jason Collett MC Johnny Pompadour
Stella Kulagowski St. Stella
Brittany Cope Kitty Britty
Keith Brown The Constellation of "S" Ensemble / Master Magician
Jasmine Chen The Constellation of "S" Ensemble
Jennifer Dzialoszynski The Constellation of "S" Ensemble
Craig Pike The Constellation of "S" Ensemble
Rouvan Silogix The Constellation of "S" Ensemble
Tess Benger We Make Out
Edmund Stapleton We Make Out
Neil Quinn Piano God

Creative Team

Bertolt Brecht Playwright
Esther Jun Creator
Ted Witzel Translator
Susanna Fournier Translator
Ted Witzel Adapter
Susanna Fournier Adapter
Esther Jun Director
Akiva Romer-Segal Scenographer
Shannon Lea Doyle Lighting Designer


Nancy McAlear Stage Manager
Ahad Abraxas Production Consultant


JP Faienza Venue Technician
Alanna McConnell Venue Technician
John Cabanela Venue Technician
Cameron Davis Festival Lighting Designer