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John Cabanela

Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Venue Technician

Carpentry Crew

Sequence () Carpentry Crew


Never the Last () Crew
Okay You Can Stop Now () Crew
X and Da Spirit () Crew
our place () Crew
The Drawer Boy () Crew
This is the Point () Crew
Midsummer (a play with songs) () Set & Lighting Crew
Stupidhead! A Musical Comedy () Crew
The Millennial Malcontent () Lighting & Set Crew
Peace River Country () Set & Lighting Crew

Lighting Crew

Sequence () Lighting Crew
The Realistic Joneses () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

The Chemical Valley Project () Lighting Designer
Traffic Jams () Lighting Designer
acquiesce () Lighting Design Apprentice
All Kidding Aside () Lighting Designer

Venue Technician

The Negroes are Congregating () Venue Technician
Swim Team () Venue Technician
A Girl Lives Alone () Venue Technician
Adrenaline () Venue Technician
Winners and Losers () Venue Technician
Stray () Venue Technician
Lion Womxn () Venue Technician
The Private Life of the Master Race () Venue Technician
…And You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next () Venue Technician
Fantasylover () Venue Technician